Turf’s Up OBX is Open For Business!!!

Home entertainment Turf’s Up OBX is Open For Business!!!

The Fun Never Stops!!!

We’re open for business and everyone is having fun!

Early on our first day open a family booked turf time and the boys really really enjoyed playing basketball, zombie dodgeball and soccer.

They quickly and easily learned the system which then allowed them to choose the game, where they were playing, and who they were playing against. For instance, in the picture the choice was Soccer, in Egypt, against a zombie goalie. The animation was funny – the zombie goalie was dressed like a mummy!

The boys competed against each other and against the system. At the end of their time they were thrilled to know that, as the first players, they had set records!

We loved watching as they explored the games, discovered which ball worked best for killing zombies, and figured out that boosting the soccer ball allowed them to truly out-wit the goalie.

Our snack bar is well stocked and we have ice cold soft drinks, beer and wine. Need something more substantial than snacks? Feel free to grab some food “to go” and bring it with you. We have plenty of seating so players and spectators alike!

Sports Not Your “Thing”?

More of a gamer? Bring you game console and hook up to our system for an amazing and outrageous experience! You and your friends and family will be able to get truly up-close and personal with each and every twist and turn of your games.

We are centrally located on the Outer Banks in Kitty Hawk on the west side of the By-pass (Croatan Hwy) in the same group of shops as The Good Life Eatery and The Gym.

Want to keep busy and out of the sun during the hottest time of day? Turf’s Up OBX is the place to be!

The system is easy to use and we have a lot of great time slots available. Book your turf time now!